Living in a building full of West Midland escorts

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to find out my neighbor is an in call escort working for West Midland escorts services. It took a little while to dawn on me, but I after a quick chat with my neighbor, I have come to realize she does indeed work for an elite West Midland escorts of service. It was not what I had expected to find in this part of West Midland, but I guess we all have to make a living somehow.


One thing is for sure, the estate agent who sold me this flat did not mention anything about what she knew about my neighbor to be. I bought this flat after having split up with my five of 25 years, and it was sort of going to be my refuge. But now I am not sure I bought the flat in the right place.


I don’t mind that the girl next doors work for an elite West Midland escorts service at all, but I do find it hard to keep my eyes of her. Not that I have met a girl from a charlotte escorts service before, but this girl is certainly one of the sexiest girls that I have ever seen. She runs a very discreet service, but I was completely taken back when I saw her spare bedroom for the first time. It is clear to me that she does not only do business dating for West Midland escorts, it looks to me like she is into something more than escorting. Sure, this is in general a very apartment block, but I am not sure that it is the right one for me.


I thought that I was buying a quality apartment, in a great part of West Midland, but it seems I have taken on a lot more than bargained for. And I do keep wondering if I should tell the others in the building about the girl from West Midland escorts. Maybe they already know. Did the estate agent know? The apartment I bought was cheaper than the other ones in the block. I did ask why the previous owner had moved out, and was told that he had moved to Australia. Now I am beginning to wonder if that was after all a little bit far-fetched after all. I am sure people do move to Australia, but it does make me wonder.


Another thing that I am slightly concerned about is that I have not met many of the other residents in the building. But there certainly seems to be a lot of gorgeous girls around. Maybe they are all West Midland escorts. You do hear about places like this, but I thought that it was a joke or urban legend. Are there other men in the building? There are indeed and some of them seem to be my age. They say hello, but I can’t really say that they are very friendly. I thought that Mayfair was supposed to be such a nice part of West Midland. But now I am beginning to wonder of Mayfair has been taken over by sexy West Midland escorts. I even suspect that I am living in a building full of West Midland escorts.

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